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File Icon Biosciences Solutions

We enable and advise biotechs, pharmaceutical and advanced materials research customers on experiment design unique to microgravity and radiation resulting in better efficacy for drug and materials development.

All experimental focuses are based on the deep knowledge domain expertise of our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), network of scientific labs and collaborators, including Oracle, NVIDIA, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL/DOE), Imperial College of London (ICL), University College London (UCL), Cal Poly Pomona, University of California San Diego (UCSD), IFO Rome, City of Hope, and McGill University.

Solutions - Experiment Design

  • Human Aging (Therapeutic applications: Cancer, Healthspan, Lifespan)
  • Multi-omics (Therapeutic applications: Precision Medicine)
  • Matrisome (Therapeutic applications: Precision Medicine)
  • Brain ECM (Therapeutic applications: Alzheimers, Parkinsons)
  • Mitochondrial Stress (Therapeutic applications: Precision Medicine)
  • Exosome (Therapeutic application: Cancer, Precision Medicine)
  • Cancer Metastasis (Therapeutic applications: Cancer Prevention)
  • Protein & drug compound formation and crystallization under microgravity.
  • Enabling leading-edge materials research that cannot be done anywhere on Earth
  • Understanding the behavior of colloids (mixtures of particles dispersed in fluids)

File Icon Hardware & Cubesat Solutions

From end-to-end, Vector Space Biosciences' Hardware Lab solutions include design, development, and launch of biological CubeSats from Vandenberg Space Force base into Low Earth Orbit (LEO), initially, followed by deep space missions, enabling biotechnology, pharmaceutical and advanced materials companies the ability to generate unique datasets related to microgravity and radiation. Data is collected from the experiments, and safely and securely beamed down to a Ground Control station.

Vector Space Biosciences is working with NASA BioSentinel program, NASA Flight Operations, Advacam, SpaceX Rideshare, Exolaunch, Cal Poly - Bronco Space, and Microsoft Azure Space to eventually enable multiple launches per week for a wide array of customers.

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  • Solutions
  • 1-9U CubeSat Design
  • CubeSat Development
  • Launch
  • Ground Station Setup

File Icon AI Solutions

Vector Space Biosciences leverages proprietary, advanced language modeling/AI (Artificial Intelligence) and visualizations – including context-dependent hidden relationship detection between proteins, pathways, drug compounds and molecular sequences – to enable new hypotheses, insights, interpretations and discoveries in new forms of precision medicine for all humankind.

At its core, VSB uses a network of scientific data engineering pipelines for building targeted language models (LM) utilizing a mixture of experts, resulting in real-time datasets and advanced visualizations of the language models, which power Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) operations in space biosciences, biotechnology, advanced materials, and pharmaceutical development.

  • Solutions
  • Molecular sequence similarity matching
  • Protein-to-protein interaction and correlation prediction
  • Correlation matrix dataset builder
  • Real-time data analysis and modeling
  • Proprietary/custom data sources
  • Advanced visualizations of language models