Vector Space Biosciences is accelerating discovery for the benefit of all humankind.

To establish a lunar base or go to Mars, understanding how to protect and repair the human body during spaceflight is required.

In collaboration with our scientific labs, we use advanced language modeling and a network of scientific data engineering pipelines to produce datasets that accelerate the probability of discoveries connected to stressors and countermeasures that protect and repair the human body during spaceflight and on the ground in the form of precision medicine for all humankind.

The Challenge

Stressors during spaceflight include microgravity and radiation. New insights in human biology can result in a better understanding of key targets and key effects impacting human health in space.

The Goal

The development of countermeasures may include personal multi-omic profiling using new biological insights associated to molecular compounds and materials enabling new therapeutic solutions, not just for astronauts but for everyone on Earth.

The Purpose

Vector Space Biosciences aims to benefit any group involved with launching life into space.

Our technology

Hidden Relationships

New insights and discoveries are usually the result of a hidden relationship.

Context Dependent

Context is everything. With proper context dependencies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) pipelines can minimize a loss or increase signal.

Real-time at scale

There are about 4000 peer reviewed published scientific papers every 24hrs at the National Library of Medicine's PubMed. Real-time visualization of data sources is key as published data grows exponentially.

Dataset Security

Dataset security, provenance, lineage and governance must include immutability which we handle using the ERC20 blockchain.

Partners & Collaborators